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Pioneering today's online newsroom, Wieck is a web development, content management and Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) provider.

Combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence, we exist to help the world's best news organisations and public relations, marketing and communications teams share their stories.

An example of a unique Wieck solution for Queensland Fire & Emergency Services which encompasses an area for a live video feed as well as the standard requirements of emergency media information, photos, educational videos and feeds to other Queensland Government sites can be seen at

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  • Journalists Speak Out: Brand Corporate Newsrooms Are Failing to Meet Reporters' Needs, Study Finds
    New research from digital communications platform ISEBOX shows that the provision of digital newsrooms by communications professionals is not meeting the needs of journalists.  Read More >>
    Has related photo galleries.

  • 10 seconds to avoid PR oblivion
    New research by global e-Newsroom leader Wieck has shown journalists are so time-poor and under-resourced they will decide in less than 10 seconds whether a media release is worth being one of the 10% they'll follow up on. Read More >>
    Has related file galleries.
    Has related photo galleries.

  • 19/03/2015 Brand journalism has become part of everyone’s lives. Whether people are consciously aware of this or not is irrelevant, the reality is that corporations are now more trusted as a source of news than the media. The online world has changed everything about the way we, as citizens, consume and share information. Read More >>
    Has related file galleries.

  • Warren Kirby to present at CommsCon
    10/03/2015 Wieck CEO Warren Kirby will present workshops on "PR Perceptions vs Media Realities" and "Brand Journalism – what are the best Digital tools for PRs in the 21st century?" at CommsCon. Read More >>
    Has related photo galleries.

  • Match made in media heaven
    24/11/2014 New Australian research into the relationship between PR and the media shows an increased inter-dependency between the two and a growing diversity of media formats and delivery channels. Read More >>
    Has related file galleries.
    Has related videos.

  • 3/09/2014 Leading online newsroom development company Wieck Austrasia has launched its second survey in order to gain further insight into what the media wants and what public relations practitioners provide.   Read More >>

  • 2/05/2014 We don’t normally bother reading official patent documents, something almost enjoyable as stabbing yourself with a spoon, however US Patent 8,682,892 is worthy of attention. This particular patent is about Read More >>

  • PRIA creates online news portal for PR sector
    9/12/2013 The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) has launched an online newsroom to showcase the latest news from Australia’s PR sector. PRIA is the launch customer for a new digital newsroom platform built by Wieck Australasia. Read More >>
    Has related file galleries.
    Has related photo galleries.

  • Wieck Wins Best Online Newsroom
    4/12/2013 Ragan's PR Daily has once again awarded "Best Online Newsroom" to Wieck for their work on Nissan Americas media portal. Nissan decided to rebuild their online newsroom to capitalize on the Read More >>
    Has related photo galleries.

  • PR fails to meet today’s media needs Media Kit
    19/11/2013 Australia’s PR industry is failing to meet the needs of today’s media for online multi-media content, a national PR conference was told today. New research, launched at the PRIA National Conference in Adelaide, shows that PR is falling behind the latest media trends  Read More >>

  • Wieck CEO Warren Kirby has presented a whitepaper, based on a survey of Public Relations Communicators and the media at the 2013 Public Relations Institute of Australia’s Annual Conference in Adelaide.

    The survey covered questions on day-today preferences when receiving/offering story ideas, preferences for sourcing basic company information, who is responsible for verifying multimedia copyright and use and access to multimedia content.

    The survey Whitepaper and all of the raw data is available for download from the Related documents area of PR fails to meet today’s media needs

  • Announcing the 2013 Media Relations Awards finalists
    31/10/2013 Dealing with the media can be tough: getting your executives coverage and visibility, preparing press kits, organizing tours, drafting statements, and we won’t even go into what it’s like working with celebrities. Read More >>
    Has related photo galleries.

  • 16/09/2013 The media landscape is changing at a phenomenal rate. Not that long ago “the media” meant newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Now, traditional media institutions are closing the doors while new media ventures like Twitter are making billions. The conflicting reports from  Read More >>

  • Online news distribution, your text, images, audio and video - 24/7 . Our world-class flagship Online Newsroom is a deadline-oriented media relations website. Designed to connect you with working media, it can also be linked to other sites for wider distribution of your message.  Read More >>

  • 5/07/2013 A survey by Arketi Group has found that 81% of business journalists turn to corporate websites when they are unable to find a source. And what makes the website useful when they get there? Read More >>

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Journalists Speak Out: Brand Corporate Newsrooms Are Failing to Meet Reporters' Needs, Study Finds
Infographic on corporate newsrooms failing to meet journalists needs.
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