In 1991, a group of United Press International veterans launched Wieck Media to fill a growing need for timely, precise delivery of digital images.

In 2005, Wieck Australasia began operations with a team trained by Australia’s leading newspaper empires and experienced in public relations to fulfill the growing shift towards online technologies in the industry.

Today, Wieck uses leading-edge compression and editing techniques, advanced web technologies and searchable databases to keep up with the changing world of digital media — but it’s our unmatched editorial experience that makes our clients and their audiences breathe easier when deadlines are near.

Drawing upon decades of experience, our seasoned management team leads a talented, dedicated staff that delivers unmatched customer satisfaction.

Wieck specialises in building, populating and maintaining media-friendly Online Newsrooms that give editors fast access to print- and broadcast-ready digital assets.

Unlike other software or in-house applications, our solutions never require significant work or technical management from your IT staff — so you can be sure that a professional engagement with Wieck Australasia will multiply your capabilities without taxing your resources.

Just send us your source media — photos, videos or audio files. We’ll do the rest.

Editorial Expertise

Wieck Australasia is the South Pacific affiliate of Wieck Media, both are owned and operated by seasoned media professionals with vast experience in the news and public relations industries.

They know what it’s like not only to develop but also to be on the receiving end of public relations initiatives. Wieck leverages this solid news background to efficiently deliver media-friendly text, photo, audio and video files.

Today, Wieck continues to work hand in hand with leading news organisations such as The New York Times, which provides us with ongoing insight into the evolution of the modern newsroom and the changing needs of media professionals worldwide.

Bandwidth and Security

Wieck complements your IT staff by taking on the time-consuming chores that Online Newsrooms bring, such as ongoing site maintenance, digital asset management, and proactive handling of bandwidth and security issues.

IT departments are historically overworked and understaffed, and their first order of business is to keep the company’s internal systems running at peak performance. With Wieck, your public relations initiatives are our first and only concern.

24/7 Responsiveness

No matter how many hours you work or how many late-night phone calls you field from reporters and editors, it isn’t always humanly possible for one person or department to keep up with a constant stream of queries from journalists in the era of a 24 hour news cycle.

Our editorial support desk serves as a vital extension of your team, providing media professionals with the information, images and additional assistance they need to meet pressing deadlines.

Whenever and wherever your media contacts need assistance, Wieck is ready to respond. Wieck can provide you with a solution that truly keeps you on top of the 24 hour global news environment.