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  • pr perceptions vs media realities
  • 10 seconds to avoid PR oblivion
    27/10/2015 New research by global e-Newsroom leader Wieck has shown journalists are so time-poor and under-resourced they will decide in less than 10 seconds whether a media release is worth being one of the 10% they'll follow up on. Read More >>
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  • Match made in media heaven
    24/11/2014 New Australian research into the relationship between PR and the media shows an increased inter-dependency between the two and a growing diversity of media formats and delivery channels. Read More >>
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  • 3/09/2014 Leading online newsroom development company Wieck Austrasia has launched its second survey in order to gain further insight into what the media wants and what public relations practitioners provide.   Read More >>

  • PR fails to meet today’s media needs Media Kit
    19/11/2013 Australia’s PR industry is failing to meet the needs of today’s media for online multi-media content, a national PR conference was told today. New research, launched at the PRIA National Conference in Adelaide, shows that PR is falling behind the latest media trends  Read More >>

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