Paul Pearson is one of the most experienced imaging managers in Australia and has built his career in the forefront of media imaging and image distribution.

For more than three decades he has been a leader in adopting and developing the ever-changing technologies of photographic image management.

In the 1990s, Paul developed one of Australia’s first services to offer web-based media access to image and text content.

Now, in the 21st Century, Paul Pearson is taking media content management to the next level of technology by introducing an Australasia-specific version of the world-first technology developed in the USA by Wieck Media Services Inc.

Wieck Australasia is based in Australia and its initial service focus is Australian-based corporations seeking the most efficient means of disseminating their message to media anywhere domestically or globally.

Whether the message is in the form of visual images, media releases, audio or video content, Wieck Australasia can make it instantly and readily available to media of any type desired, and in any location in the world.

Paul Pearson began his career in imaging with one of Australia’s great consumers of media content, the Sydney Morning Herald, where he was an award-winning news and sport photographer.

After shooting everything from royal tours to Melbourne Cups and football grand finals, he moved into the world of corporate public relations at The Project Group, Australia’s first specialist automotive PR agency.

Over the next 20-plus years he was instrumental in setting the standard by which all Australian automotive PR photography would be judged – and still is.

As media imaging moved from black-and-white photography through full-colour, film-based technology and into the realm of instantly accessible digital imaging, Paul Pearson did more than keep abreast of trends – he usually led them.

He has demonstrated a career-long commitment to understanding the needs of the media, reading the emerging trends in technology, and marrying the two to deliver the best possible result for clients and media alike.

In his founding role at Wieck Australasia, his principal contribution is this unmatched experience and knowledge of the real-world needs of media and how to meet them on behalf of corporations seeking media exposure.