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  • Warren Kirby, CEO, Wieck Australasia
    Warren Kirby is unmatched in the scope of his experience which covers virtually all aspects of media and public relations disciplines.Warren began his career as a photographer with The Australian before working in Parliament House, Canberra, for all News Limited publications. Read More >>
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  • Paul Pearson, Managing Director, Wieck Australasia
    Paul Pearson is one of the most experienced imaging managers in Australia and has built his career in the forefront of media imaging and image distribution. For more than three decades he has been a leader in adopting and developing the Read More >>
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  • 7/09/2013 Jim Wieck, Chairman of Wieck Australasia Pty Ltd., was a 23-year veteran of United Press International before cofounding Wieck Media in the U.S. in September 1990. Serving as a bureau and regional manager in various locations, Wieck always had a knack for finding ways to help  Read More >>
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  • Tim Roberts, Director, Wieck Australasia
    As an award-winning photographer with United Press International and Agence France-Presse, Tim Roberts spent a decade capturing both triumphs and tragedies on film - from Super Bowls, the Final Four and the Olympics to natural disasters, hostage situations and the final days of the Branch  Read More >>
    Has related photo galleries.

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Warren Kirby
Warren Kirby, CEO of Wieck Australasia.
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