Jim Wieck, Chairman of Wieck Australasia Pty Ltd., was a 23-year veteran of United Press International before cofounding Wieck Media in the U.S. in September 1990. Serving as a bureau and regional manager in various locations, Wieck always had a knack for finding ways to help reporters cover breaking news and hit continually changing broadcast and publication deadlines, even under the most difficult circumstances.

During his wire service career, Wieck served on the editorial committee that implemented the agency’s first nationwide computer system in the mid-1970s. He also arranged ship-to-shore services in the North Atlantic that enabled reporters to provide daily coverage of the successful search for the sunken ocean liner Titanic. And when an 8.1 earthquake struck Mexico City, leaving local media with no means of communications, he authorized the leasing of a private jet outfitted with long-range international communications technology to fly in reporters and photographers and provide the world with the first eyewitness accounts of the tragedy.

Wieck Media and Wieck Australasia Pty Ltd. have continued this tradition by providing journalists with a vital link to news sources through Wieck-powered online newsrooms and databases.