Motorcycle Industry Media Resource

In 2006 the Motorcycle Industry in Australia struggled to enjoy the same media attention as other industries.

Most brands had PR strategies in place to cater to the media but the perception from the media was that information was hard to attain and delivered in a variety of formats.

After interviewing journalists who were most likely to publish articles on motorcycle brands and the industry in general, Wieck Australasia believed that the fundamental reason for the lack of media attention was directly related to how difficult it was for the media to collect the information they required.

In October 2006 Wieck delivered a resource that satisfies the needs of both the media and the motorcycle industry – Bikedeadline is a media portal that delivers press releases, high-resolution images and video from motorcycle brands to registered media users in one simple-to-use site. The site is also accessible to public users. Email notifications of new information are sent directly to registered users, providing the participating brands powerful and far-reaching tool to attract media attention.

Since the inception of Bikedeadline, the motorcycle brands have achieved far greater media coverage than ever before and some media outlets have started sections of their publications dedicated to the motorcycle industry.

Bikedeadline is apart of The Deadline Network which includes Autodeadline, Truckdeadline and Racedeadline